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all monies received are held in our client bank account with hsbc and are protected, as members of UKALA, in their client money protection scheme.

k lettings limited t/.a masonbryant are members of the prs redress scheme.


letting your home or property can be a stressful time but our award winning team at masonbryant are here to make sure the experience goes as smoothly as possible by giving you all the help you need.

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k lettings ltd t/a masonbryant are proud members of ukala which includes client money protection

when interested in a property through masonbryant we recommend that you read through our information sheet together with a copy of the Governments "How to Rent Leaflet" (please ask for a copy) before viewing any property

holding deposit

a holding deposit will be required that is the equivalent of 1 weeks rent

please note submission of an application and the payment of any holding deposit does not signify acceptance as a tenant for the specified property. in the event of an application not being accepted we are unable to give reasons or enter into further discussions on the matter.

all tenants should be aware that they will need to complete an application form each this will ask for information on their present/past employment, current accommodation, credit history, who the accommodation is for etc. at this point, they must ensure that they are earning at least 30 times the monthly rental per annum.

identification will be required in order for us to comply with the immigration act 2016 (please request a copy of our information sheet for acceptable forms of id)

we will request to see two types of identification from all applicants together with proof of their recent address (e.g. a utility bill, bank statement or mobile phone bill). also if they are a EU citizen then they must furnish us with their right to rent share code and date of birth.

masonbryant will on request, supply all applicants with a copy of your standard assured shorthold tenancy agreement, and will be given the opportunity to read and approve this before paying the holding deposit.



Holding Deposit

All applicants will be required to pay a holding deposit of the equivalent of one weeks rent to secure the property and withdraw it from the market.  This will be held for a maximum of 30 days beginning on the day on which the holding deposit was paid.


The holding deposit must be repaid in the following circumstances:

  • If a tenancy is entered into.
  • If the landlord decides not to enter into a tenancy OR the landlord and tenant fail to enter into an agreement before the deadline (unless there is a legitimate reason for the landlord’s decision – see below)
  • The agent believe they have a genuine reason for not repaying the deposit but fail to give the tenant written notice, within the relevant period, of their reasons for not doing so.  The relevant period is seven days from the decision by the landlord not to enter the tenancy or from the deadline day, whichever is sooner.

The holding deposit can be used (rather than repaid):

  • Towards the first rent payment.
  • Towards the payment of the tenancy deposit.

Repayment must be made within 7 days of:

  • The date of the tenancy agreement (if not used against the first month’s rent or deposit – see above)
  • The day on which the landlord decided not to enter into the agreement or
  • If both parties fail to agree, on the day of the deadline.

The holding deposit does not need to be repaid:

  • If the tenant failed the right to rent check and the agent did not know and could not reasonably be expected to know that this would be the case before the deposit was taken.
  • If the tenant provides false or misleading information AND the landlord is reasonably entitled to take into account, the difference between the information provided and the correct information OR the landlord is reasonably entitled to take the tenants action in providing the information into account.
  • If the tenant notifies the agent before the deadline day that they have decided not to enter into an agreement.
  • Agreement has not been reached by the deadline and the agent have taken all reasonable steps to enter the tenancy, but the tenant has not.

A holding deposit cannot be taken:

  • If a deposit has previously been taken on the same property AND
  • All or part of it has not been returned AND
  • The reason for not returning it was none of those referred to above as permitted reasons

All applicants must understand in most cases, a guarantor will be required, if applicants are claiming housing benefit/universal credit or not in employment, applicants should advise masonbryant at the earliest opportunity and will normally need to have someone who will act as a guarantor for them.   All applicants should understand that any guarantor must be a homeowner, in permanent full-time employment and earning 30 times the monthly rental per annum.

All applicants should understand that it is their responsibility to supply masonbryant with all relevant documentation including identification allowing them to take references and also carry out Right to Rent checks.  This allows us to check their suitability as a potential tenant.

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