Schedule of fees for landlord

We work on a "no let no fee basis" and on the rare occasion when we are unable to let your property you won't pay a penny.

Unlike many lettings agents in the area we prepare full particulars of every property that we market. We take pride in measuring every room and take internal photographs to produce full colour details that will give any potential tenant the opportunity of an insight of your property before viewing. These are also available through our website and on and any others we feel are appropriate. We pride ourselves in ensuring that your property is advertised as quick as possible from the minute you instruct us. Brief details are also included in our prominent window displays in both our offices and advertised as needed in the local press.

We are aware many landlords have different requirements and with this in mind we have geared our services and fees to reflect this. As an independent company, we can, in most cases, adjust each of our services to meet every landlord's needs.

Letting and Management fees

Full management - 13.8% inclusive of vat (11.5% plus vat) plus tenancy set up fee and schedule/inventory fee. See additional fees below.
Deducted monthly from rent received
Full management + - pao as dependant on rental amount, includes rent protection, other charges as for full management

Letting and rent collection - 11% inclusive of vat (9.17% plus vat) plus tenancy set up fee and schedule/inventory fee. See additional fees below.
Deducted monthly from rent received

Letting only - equivalent of 3 weeks rent inclusive of vat (2.5 weeks plus vat) plus tenancy set up fee and cost of schedule/inventory fee. See additional fees below. One off fee deducted from first month's rent received

For example: if the monthly rental was £600 then you would pay a monthly fee of £86.40 inc vat for fully managed, a monthly fee of £72.00 inc vat for letting and rent collection or a one off fee of £332.31 inc vat for letting only. Plus additional fees as listed below.

All commission and fees are due monthly in advance and in full at the commencement of the tenancy. Further fees thereof shall be due upon extension or any renewal of the tenancy or the grant of a new tenancy to the same tenant, or the grant of a tenancy to any person who shall at any time have occupied the premises together with any previous tenant.

Further detailed information regarding the above services can be found in our terms and conditions.

Discounts are available for landlords who instruct us to let more than two properties. Please ask for further information.

If the tenant is more than one person this commission shall remain payable if one or more of such tenants remain in occupation. This agreement cannot be terminated whilst a tenant that we have introduced to you remain in occupation.

Additional fees

Tenancy set up fee

£120.00 inc vat (£100 plus vat) - payable from first month's rental of every new tenancy

Renewal tenancy agreement fee

£96.00 inc vat (£80 plus vat) - payable from first month's rental paid of every extended term - for Full Management or Letting/Rent Collection Service
£108.00 inc vat (£90+vat)- Letting Only clients

Schedule of condition/inventory (comprehensive make including photos, testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors). Payable from the first month's rental. Please note: if we do not prepare the schedule of condition we will not enter into any discussions regarding disputes at the end of the tenancy.


Studio flat - £90.00 inc vat (£75.00 plus vat)
1 bed - £114.00 inc vat (£95.00 plus vat)
2 bed - £144.00 inc vat (£120 plus vat)
3 bed - £180.00 inc vat (£150 plus vat)
4 bed - £216.00 inc vat (£180 plus vat)
5 bed - £240.00 inc vat (£200 plus vat)

If we are managing the property this will include the check-out procedure (attend property and check condition against original schedule of condition/inventory and report findings. If appropriate agree suitable deduction from deposit with both parties; refer to landlord before releasing monies to tenant)

If we are not managing the property it will be the responsibility of the landlord to carry out the final inventory/schedule of condition check with their tenants and report accordingly to us.

If we are to hold the deposit in the DPS, provide a Letting Only service and there is a dispute between tenants and landlord at the end of the tenancy and evidence is required to be submitted to the ADR (Alternative Dispute Service) there will be a one-off fee of £72.00 inc vat to cover our costs.

Please note this is optional but we strongly recommend every landlord has a detailed schedule of condition/inventory of their property prepared before each letting. The deposit protection schemes recommend every responsible landlord should have one.

If you do not have an inventory/schedule of condition prepared and you do not wish to test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors yourself then there will be a charge of £40.00 inc vat to enable us to do this on your behalf. Without written confirmation that these have been tested a tenancy cannot commence.

Every subsequent letting thereafter there will be a one-off administration fee of £84.00 inc vat (£70 plus vat) to update the inventory/schedule, take fresh photos, retest the smoke and co detectors and this includes the check out at the end of the tenancy (if managing the property).

All additional fees and charges are subject to review following written notice and at our discretion.

Service of section 21 notices (if on letting only service)

£72.00 inc vat (£60.00 plus vat)

Empty care service

Additional charges of £72.00 inc vat per visit shall be made for this service between tenancies. (we recommend a visit every 2 weeks as normally required by most insurance companies)

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